Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adorable little sibling set

Miss "E" is just so lovable! She quickly became my best friend.

I think little man "T" was much happier just fishing with grandpa but that is understandable. They make quite a pair, don't they.

Baby "A" was so strong at just 7 weeks. Look at her holding up her head! She has the prettiest baby skin.

With a mom this gorgeous, no wonder the kids are adorable!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's official... CJ has PKS

That's right. CJ has PKS.... Photographer Kid Syndrome. He just turned 2 so of course I wanted to get some nice portraits of him. I haven't been real on top of getting photos of the kids since Gianna arrived. I set everything up while Gia was napping and this is pretty much how it went:


So I thought maybe I could bribe him with a snack. Can't you tell he is so excited.

He decides he is not interested at all in having his picture taken so he finds interest in the Best Buy ad. Well, maybe I can hope he is planning on buying me something nice.

He went and got his soccer ball to play with. But uh-oh, he threw it in the air and it landed on his head.

Yeah, playing with mom is alot funner than being still for 2 seconds for mom to capture a photo.

Ooo, ooo, he is sitting.... quick snap. Can't you see he is humoring me a little?

Finally he gives me something I can feel good about printing. This is the sly little smirk that I know and love. And yes, he is getting ready to jump away. Right after this he was gone and I gave up.

Don't feel bad if your kids don't want to cooperate with having portraits taken. It happens to all of us :) With kids this age the portraits take on a more photo-journalistic approach, otherwise there would be pictures of toddlers stuck to chairs with duct tape :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For one of the strongest women I know...

As some of you know, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in March. While we celebrated the birth of our youngest child we were also gripped with fear at the thought of someone we love so much having cancer.

She has started chemo and I am happy to report that she is so strong and is doing very well. A couple weeks after starting chemo treatments, we had my youngest son's birthday party. Mari had decided to shave her head. She was taking a stand and was not going to let the cancer and chemo dictate when her hair fell out.

My sister, Jennifer, was there with her clippers and off it came. It was a very moving and emotional time. These pictures may produce a feeling of sadness (and there was some) but mostly I felt so proud of my little sis for being so strong and taking control.

I have to say, I think she is the most beautiful bald woman I have ever seen. I am not sure if she should ever grow her hair back out :)

I love you Mari!