Thursday, March 11, 2010

fresh. pure. perfect. | Tina Ramirez Photography | Central Illinois Newborn Photographer

The title pretty much sums up this little man. He is just perfect.

I had the pleasure of meeting little {C} who is just starting a baby plan. I cannot wait to watch him grow.

His Mommy and Daddy are sooo in love with him. Can you blame them though?

Daddy was such a good sport, tolerating the scorching hot room and getting pooped on. :)

Look how happy he is in Mommy's arms.

{C} is probably one of the longest newborns I have ever photographed. He liked stretching out too. I think he was just showing off ;)

I love his delicate little back wrinkles, his smoochable lips, and his long eyelashes.

Chris and Ashley, thank you for having me photograph your little blessing. I am excited to begin his first year of portraits with you.

Enjoy your sneak peek and I will let you know when his gallery is ready.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The "G Man" is bringin those eyes back | Tina Ramirez Photography | Central Illinois Child Photographer

I can't believe it has been a year since I first photographed {G} for his newborn portraits. You can take a peek at them here

and then his 6mo portraits here

I just adore this little man and he just cracks me up every time I am around him.

He LOVES his Lego's and he's really good at putting them together. He is very coordinated and can build these huge towers. Makes me feel like I must be slacking with teaching Gianna to do these things.

Now here are those beautiful eyes that stop me in my tracks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Just hangin out with Dad :)

Enjoy your sneak peek Leigh Ann and Justin, more to come soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elmwood's First Daughter | Tina Ramirez Photography | Elmwood, IL Newborn Photography

Move over Sasha and Malia, you've got nothing next to little miss {L}.

I posted one other portrait of {L} with her Mommy and Daddy here .

{L} is exactly what you would picture a perfect baby girl to be. She has perfect skin, tiny toes, luscious lashes and beautiful blue eyes. She was the perfect little sleeper too (after much convincing that nothing exciting was going on without her).

We started off the session wonderfully too. She got comfy and relaxed... then proceeded to prove to her Daddy why keeping extra shirts around is a great idea :)

I couldn't help but squeal a little with delight when Mommy brought out this adorable hat!

I love her tiny little toes poking out here.

Look at these lashes! Watch out Daddy, I have a feeling she is going to bat these suckers at you quite a bit when she wants her way :)